Your Christian Writing Commitment Will Change You

Your Christian Writing Commitment Will Change You
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Recently, I had a major disappointment with one of my writing clients. She is a gifted writer but lacked structure and focus. I took her under my wing and did far more for her than I have ever done previously for any other writer.

I gave her instruction and encouragement beyond the services she engaged me to do. I offered plot outlines and enhancements, rewrote portions so she could get an idea about the revision process, and tried to offer her the rudiments of structure and pacing in special Zoom calls.

Then she dropped out of sight for nearly two months.

She was still interested in writing, she said, and wanted to get back to it as soon as possible. But it was easy to see she was self-sabotaging herself. She loved how I was helping her, but the simple reality is that I believed in her writing gifts more than she believed in them.

I invested far more time and effort in developing her nascent writing gifts than I should have done. He abilities were usual, and I wanted to have a small part in seeing her achieve the success she deserved.

But she failed because she did not have the commitment equal to her gifts. Christian writers need to think about the level of commitment required of them by the Lord before they write their first word.

Two Types of Commitment

All Christians know that their salvation did not come cheap. Jesus Christ had to shed his blood on the cross to procure it. Then, as individuals, we had to make a divine connection by exercising our free will and repenting of our sins, and deciding to follow Jesus’ teaching. When lived at its best, the Christian life is a life of sacrificing our own fleshly desires for spiritual joy and gain.

Likewise, Christian writing requires sacrifice. You will need to get your priorities in order to do the will of God.

If you think the Lord wants you to be a writer, you must assess what you need to give up to achieve your goals. You will have to give up social events to do more reading, writing, revision, and editing. You’ll likely have to give up your favorite TV programs. You may even have to say, “No” to requests to help at church if you believe you have a higher calling.

Most writers say they can’t find the time to write. That is a prevalent act of writer self-sabotage. You will never find the time to write. You must sacrificially make time to write.

Don’t think you can become a Christian writer unless you take a hard look at your schedule, set your priorities, and make the time to put words on the page. You cannot be a casual Christian writer. The task requires goals, priorities, and planning.

No, you are not required to become a hermit. But you are required to make wiser choices about how you use your time.

You Will Become a Different Person

Do you remember your attitudes and behaviors before you became a Christian? If you were like most of us, some attitudes and actions were pretty awful. But the Holy Spirit promised to transform us all and make us new people (Galatians 5:22-23), and soon some of our old friends did not recognize us and our new perspectives.

Likewise, you will find yourself becoming a different person when you make a firm commitment to writing Christian books and blog posts. You will no longer see it as a hobby. The more dedicated you become to a daily writing regimen, the more you will enjoy the full scope of the writing process. Your world will get bigger as you learn and grow.

Your mindset will change. You will no longer have a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in regard to the things that occupied your time but will rejoice in your productivity. The book or blog post you are writing may touch and change hundreds or hundreds of thousands of lives. If you have an interest in “redeeming the time” (Ephesians 5:16 and Colossians 4:45), then the trade-off is excellent.

You may become a different person in other ways too.

  • All good writers read widely. You will want to read everything you can get your hands on about your topic or related issues. Good writers are insatiably curious. That alone enhances your writing skills as you observe how other writers went about their craft.
  • A commitment to writing will enhance your mental powers, including creativity and concentration.
  • You will have the satisfaction of accomplishing satisfying work that pleases the Lord. That is no small thing in this world in which we live.

Dreamer or Doer?

Many would-be writers are just dreamers. No one ever reads the ideas they visualize in their mind. Others make a start and begin to put words to the page, but they soon discover writing is harder than they think, and they give up. Still others spend months and years of dedicated effort, but they don’t invest in professional Developmental or Copy editing, and they produce books that no one wants to read.

If you are going to be a dreamer, not a doer, I going to give you the best writing advice you will ever receive. That is, give up any idea of being a writer before you start. No, I’m not suggesting you give up. I’m saying don’t start at all. Put your energy into something different where you can generate the required level of commitment to see it through.

Jesus said, “count the cost before you build,”(Luke 14:28). Make a commitment to the Lord that you will complete writing the book that you believe he wants you to write, and that you will do it to a high professional standard.

Your Christian writing commitment will change you in many good ways if you open yourself to the realities of the task before you. Became a Christian writer with your eyes wide open.

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