Texting in Church May Be Taboo, But Not During Sex

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Texting in church may be taboo, but not during sex. Odd, isn’t it?

Most churches have pretty stern rules about the use of electronic devices during church services. Texting draws frowns from worshipers seated nearby, and a ringing cell phone can be grounds for excommunication. But a new poll by Retrevo demonstrates how much electronic messaging has become interwoven into the fabric of our lives. A case in point: 17% of those polled don’t mind interrupting sex to read or respond to a text message.

Retrevo researchers said that among social-media users, almost half check Facebook and/or Twitter at bedtime and again when they wake up in the morning. A total of 16 percent said these sites are how they get their news for the day.

Texting in Church May Be Taboo, But Not During Sex

More than half of social-media users report needing to check Facebook at least once every day, and more than 10 percent say they have to log on every few hours, according to the study. iPhone users seem to have a symbiotic relationship with their devices and they have more frequent usage than any other group in the 1,000-person Retrevo study.

It used to be impolite to answer a cell phone during a conversation or meeting, but now 40% of poll respondents said they didn’t mind being interrupted for a message. The research also revealed that one in three respondents will take a message during a meal, and amazingly, one in 14 during sex–one in 10 for those under 25.

Still, there is hope that the gadgets haven’t taken over our lives entirely. The report also revealed that 33% don’t like to be interrupted at all–62% for those over age 25.

Published on: Mar 18, 2010

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