How to Be a More Productive Christian Writer

productive Christian writer
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Most Christian writers don’t write just for the fun of it. They have a sense of calling from the Lord. With that sense of purpose, most want to be more productive.

Sadly, many Christian writers drift just like those who do not have a calling. If you’re a Christian writer, you can overcome that malaise.

Understand Your Purpose

If you’re like most writers, you get confused at various times during your writing project.

Sometimes it happens when you are trying to come up with an idea for your book, blog post, or magazine article.

Other times, it comes in the middle of your project when you ask yourself, “Where am I going with this?”

It also comes at the end when you wonder how you can conclude in a way that’s pleasing to the Lord.

That’s why it’s so important to have clarity of purpose in the very beginning. It is a matter of conviction that can only come from the Lord. It is the awareness that the Holy Spirit is giving you ideas and guiding your creativity.

Give Your Writing Project to God

Christians know they do not live for themselves. The Apostle Paul said it best in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

Normally, we apply that verse as a caution against abusive things we do to our bodies, like over-eating, drinking, or smoking. But it has a far more positive meaning for Christians and Christian writers.

Our body includes our brain, which is the seat of our creative functions. It is not our own. It was bought at a price.

That’s why all Christian writers should want to dedicate themselves and their book to the Lord at its conception.

How can you do that? Have a formal ceremony. It may be a private ceremony, just you and the Lord, but you make a firm promise to the Lord. It’s not casual; it should be a ritual that stays with you throughout your writing project and helps preserve your motivation.

Sometimes writers knell in consecration, light a candle, or find other ways to memorialize their commitment. Let your act of dedication to your writing project be your pillar at Bethel (Genesis 28:18-22).

It doesn’t make any difference what you write. It may be fiction or nonfiction. It could be on a non-Christian topic. God wants to use Christian minds to write on all topics and touch lives in different ways.

Follow Best Practices

Your writing project will not falter if you have received a commission from the Lord. The Holy Spirit is in the methods you use as much as the words you write.

These three tips will reinforce the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart and mind as you write.

Schedule your writing sessions. Many writers block the blessing of God by an erratic approach to their writing. The Holy Spirit is a constant influence, not sporadic like the pagan Greek Muse. The Apostle Paul said, “Everything should be done in an orderly and fitting way.” That does not just apply to order in local churches, but to the symmetry of our daily lives.

Start each writing session by renewing your consecration. That means a time of prayer before you start each writing session. Not only do you want to request wisdom from on high, but it can also be a time of thankfulness. A calling to be a Christian writer is like receiving the mantle of Elijah (1 Kings 19:19-21) and is something about which to be grateful.

Set goals. Many writers like to fly by the seat of their pants as they write. That’s why so many books and other writing projects end in failure. Jesus had a very different idea. He chides those who do not plan in Luke 14:28. Writing a book is like building a tower. The best kind of writing goal is a word count goal. Covenant to write between 500-1500 (or more) words per writing session on a consistent basis.

You can be a more productive Christian writer when the Holy Spirit guides your thoughts. Give the Spirit full reign over your creative process from the inception of your writing project idea to its conclusion.

Your productivity as a Christian writer is based upon the solemn obligation you have made to the Lord to be his servant.

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