Is the Apple iPad Obsolete Before its Release?

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In the very near future most of us will be carrying around an electronic device that we will use to read books and magazines, listen to music, surf the Internet, pay bills online and a multitude of other things. Even pastors and Sunday school teachers will be using them as a reference for their notes, and people in the pews will be using them to read their Bibles and take notes on the message.

These new electronic devices will revolutionize the information world in the same way that desktop and laptop computers did. This new device may very well replace laptop computers because of their small size and convenience.

Will this new device be the iPad from Apple? That’s a matter of opinion. People will rush out to buy iPad’s by the millions, but I think most will end up being bitterly disappointed with their purchase. It has many glaring inadequacies, but there is probably none larger than the fact that the iPad is not able to run Adobe Flash. That means you will not be able to view YouTube or a host of other Flash-based media on it.

Why? Because the iPad is not a traditional computer. It does not have the standard Apple computer operating system, it is just a big iPhone without the telephone. The fact that the iPad does not have a traditional operating system is a major factor when purchasing one of these devices, although most people will not realize that until it is too late.

The people at Apple have added a keyboard and a stand to the iPad, and given it word processing ability, but it’s really a junior grade operating system and cannot run software you might already own.

As long as the iPad uses the iPhone software, it will be a crippled and inadequate device. It will look fancy and be popular as most Apple devices are, but it will be a step backward when it comes to the technology available. It simply does not take advantage of the rich media already available, and that is essential to content publishers.

What will be the device of choice? I hope it will be the Hewlett Packard Slate, which will be released very soon after the iPad. It looks a lot like the iPad, it sells for $499, but it runs the Windows 7 operating system and that makes it a true computer.

Why will be Hewlett-Packard Slate be the best choice for discerning buyers?

  • It is sleek and easy to use.
  • It runs the Windows 7 operating system so you can install any program you want to use.
  • It runs Adobe Flash, the worldwide standard for publishing books, magazines, animations, films, learning modules and a wide variety of other multimedia materials.
  • Anyone can publish content without going through Apple or the Apple distribution system.
  • Hewlett Packard has already inked a deal with so a wide range of books will be available in standard electronic formats.

The Hewlett-Packard Slate does not have the cachet of the Apple brand, but the iPod does not have the functionality that people have already come to expect.

The Hewlett-Packard Slate is not going to be the only new kid on the block. Other major electronics companies will be releasing products also, and this competition may very well turn the iPad into a door stop. Apple has done a great thing in popularizing iPad-like devices, but the iPad itself will be technologically obsolete the day it is released.

Posted Mar 11, 2010

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9 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    All new technology takes a step back before it can leap ahead.

  2. Donald L. Hughes says:

    Interesting observations, Adam. But after 25 years in existence the Mac has been able to break through the 5% market share, only fleeting, only a few times. That’s failure in most people’s book and without iTunes and the iPhone, the Mac might be nothing more than an historical artifact.

    Adobe started out as a big Apple supporter. Now they release Apple versions of Photoshop and their other products long after they release Windows versions. That speaks volumes. The simple truth is that their Flash product is already on 98% of the computers out there and Jobs is being stupid in not embracing that technology.

    Apple hit a home run with the iPhone. But making the iPad a big iPhone (without the phone) is a bad deal. It cripples the iPad, especially in light of the fact that the HP Slate runs Windows 7 which is capable of running popular, widely accepted and appreciated software like Flash.

    The iPad will sell like hotcakes when it is first released. Then massive disappointment will set in after the HP Slate and other products are released. iPad buyers will feel cheated.

  3. Adam Keegan says:

    Interesting article. What stands out to me is that it seems HP & Adobe are teaming up. My personal opinion is that they need to. Adobe don’t support flash properly for Mac and so Apple are dropping them. Who would have thought that Apple dropping such a universal format would make even the slightest dent. But is has and will.

    I use Mac & hate flash. It has been over-used and often detracts from the web experience. I use iPhone and do not miss flash at all.

    Flash consumes quite a lot of battery power as far as I know – interesting that the video above makes mention of flash being better for battery life when compared to playing a video…but it’s much lower quality. Would be interested to see the results of HP tablet v’s iPad in battery life!

    As for the demo of the machine it looks clunky and slow compared to iPad. And the keyboard? From what I have seen so far the HP device is nothing compared to the ipad.

    I think the comments in this post are quite strange unless there is some kind of hidden motive.

    “won’t run software you already own” – which is a bad thing? I woudl rather have a device that can run a few things WELL than have the constant errors on MS & poor software. That said, iPhone has 150,000+ apps which all work on iPad. I don’t think I will be missing anything on iPad for it’s intended use and more!

    “most people will be disappointed” – come on Apple are not expanding exponentially by making dud products with hyped marketing…
    Their products are top quality and provide amazing user experience. As someone who has been on Mac for nearly two years now the HP device above running on windows just reminds me how thankful I am to be using Mac & the iPhone (and soon iPad too) – it’s a real joy.

  4. Rich Bullock says:

    Donald, the iPad will be able to play many YouTube videos, just like my iPhone can, because many of those vids are not Flash (I’m not sure what the percentage is, but I haven’t found one I COULDN’T play on the iPhone).

    In fact, one of the native apps on every iPhone is YouTube.

    Frustrating not to be able to view Flash on the iPhone? At times. But I haven’t found it essential. And there are a lot of people touting the benefits of replacing Flash with HTML5 coding. Have to wait and see.

  5. Donald L. Hughes says:

    We all want to sit at Starbucks, sipping coffee reading our Libronix books, Pastor T. But there is no misinformation here. The Apple iPad is a severely crippled machine. Did you view the Adobe video embedded in the article?

  6. PastorT says:

    I think you are misinformed. The iPad will have an app to play YouTube video in HD without even having to go to their website. Also Logos just launched an app that would sync your desktop library with your ipad or iPhone. Imagine having your whole libronix system with you in your lap as you sit on the couch and sip a coffee at Starbucks.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Would the HP Slate allow one to edit with MS Word or view PDF documents?

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