InterVarsityPress Embraces E-Books

InterVaristyPress (IVP) has embraced e-Books in a big way. They now market 22 titles in the ePub format, 250 titles in Google Books format, and over 600 titles in the Kindle format.

They also unrestricted file formats so that you can transfer titles to your personal devices and platforms easily. This makes it possible to distribute copies to students, small group members, church congregation, ministry donors, blog readers, employees or any other group.  This program is available directly at the IVP site.

In addition, the publisher is issuing 38 titles of its popular LifeGuides Bible studies for $49.95 each. However, once you purchase a single PDF, you are entitled to make and distribute up to 1,000 copies at no extra charge for church or student use.

IVP is reinforcing its prominent place in the Christian publishing field by adopting these innovations in book publishing and marketing.

Published on: Jun 27, 2011 


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