Internet Evangelism Day 2010

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Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations.” The Internet Age makes that easier. The “uttermost parts of the world” are only keystrokes away. To help individuals become aware of the power of the Internet, April 25, 2010 has been designated Internet Evangelism Day. The awareness event began in 2005.

Internet use has skyrocketed in the past few years. At the end of 2000, there were 105 million Internet users in North American, and today there are over 341 million. But that 134% increase is dwarfed by what has happened in other parts of the world. Internet use has soared by 546% in Asia, 1,392% in Africa and 1,648% in the Middle East in less than a decade.

Today, nearly 1.73 billion people use the Internet, nearly 26% of the world population, according to

[youtube]Fl-hHKANP4Q[/youtube] Internet Evangelism Day is Sunday, April 25, 2010.

To help make the Christian community aware of the evangelistic opportunities on the Web, April 25, 2010 has been designated Internet Evangelism Day by a coalition of ministries including the American Tract Society, the Billy Graham Center, Christianity Today and Mission America, among others.

Sterling Houston, Director of North American Missions for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association illustrated how effective Internet ministry can be. He said, “A young woman in Michigan entered into a digital dialogue with a woman in China who knew nothing about Christianity but wanted to learn English. Through the Internet she arranged for the Chinese woman to download a Bible in her language.”

Houston added, “the strongest advantages of Internet evangelism are that the anonymity of the Web allows “seekers” to be much more vulnerable in their spiritual searching. Also, the Internet’s accessibility permits them to return again and again to explore biblical truths.”

The goals of Internet Evangelism Day are to:

  • Increase Christian understanding and awareness of the Internet as a medium for sharing the faith.
  • Provide insights into outreach strategies that fit with the Web’s intrinsic properties and strengths.
  • Help churches create new websites, or modify their existing pages, to become user-friendly and attractive to non-Christians in the community.
  • Call people into Web ministry outreach, including Christian writers.
  • Challenge existing Web evangelism ministries to obtain higher profiles to help ministries and missions not currently involved in web evangelism to investigate how they might move into this field. has a wealth of resources to publicize Internet Evangelism Day, including PowerPoints, videos, handouts and posters.

Posted Mar 1, 2010 

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