Why Watching Your Weight Makes You a Better Writer

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Christian writers face many of the same issues as other writers. One of these issues is keeping healthy when dedicated to the writing task. It’s most desirable if you maintain a balanced life including interaction with others, exercise and wholesome meals. However, many of us become so focused on finishing a magazine or blog article, or meeting a book deadline, that we sometimes fail to take proper care of ourselves.

Your body is the vessel of the Holy Spirit, and that ship must be in good repair in order to work at maximum efficiency. That means if you want to do your best work you need to make sure your body is healthy and your mind is clear.

One of the most insidious problems for writers is that of maintaining a proper weight. Being overweight, and having a sedentary life, inhibits circulation. Good blood circulation to your brain is essential to the creative process. Here are some tips that will help you from being a victim of slow but deadly weight gain.

Make time to cook and eat healthy meals

Many busy writers like to think that if they just take another 30 minutes on their project that it will be better than ever. But a half-hour quickly becomes an hour, and one hour becomes two. Soon fatigue sets in and rather than prepare a decent meal, you settle for some quick unhealthy food.

Many writers know that the antidote to this problem is cooking healthy meals on an off day like a Sunday afternoon. You can prepare a week’s worth of food in just a few hours, so when it’s time to eat later in the week, you can dip into your storehouse of good food rather than eating quick junk food. In doubt about what is embodied in a healthy diet? Check out a website like LifeHack.com which offers a list of 100 quick, healthy meals.

Weight has a way of sneaking up on people

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (pun intended), so you need to weigh yourself daily. Set a very fixed and definite upper weight limit; when you approach that limit you know it is time to cut calories or carbs and to get more exercise.

Obesity is getting out of hand in America. The reason is because we are all slightly delusional. We blame everything under the sun for being overweight—from emotional troubles to our genetic makeup—but the simple truth is that most people do not act responsibly when it comes to food. Most weight problems, including yours, can be resolved by eating small portions of healthy food and getting more exercise.

Writing is stressful

It just is, and there is no sense in denying it. Most of us have a certain anxiety about the literary development of the project on which were working, about reaching our word count goals each day, about the quality of the work we do and the income we receive. And most of us have come to realize that nothing relieves anxiety like a sugar or caffeine-laced snack. I am being humorous of course— most of us reach for these kinds of unhealthy foods in times of stress, but we know they do not really relieve anxiety, but often leave us more wired.

It is good to munch on something as we resolve the turn of the plot, but it’s best if we make healthy selections, such as fruits and vegetables. Carrots have the same crunch value as a bag of potato chips, but the vitamins and minerals in carrots will actually aid the creative process while potato chips have the potential to dull the brain.

No matter how much comfort food seems to cure the writing blues, it’s best to learn the truth that food is not the best cure for anxiety. After prayer, the best cure for anxiety is exercise. If you’re feeling antsy, don’t eat— go for a walk and pray along the way.

Christian writer C.S. Lewis said, “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” It is your soul that is the source of your writing. However, your mortal body is the receptacle of the soul— the setting that holds the diamond— and it is necessary that your body functions properly. In order to do that you must eat healthy food and exercise. You’ll discover the quality of your writing will improve as you take better care of your body.

Share the love with other Christian writers

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