Franklin Graham Says Christians Must Pray and Play

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Franklin Graham, son of famed Evangelist Billy Graham and a Christian leader in his own right, has challenged Christians in a letter appearing on He urges people to both pray, and to become “players” in the unfolding drama of cultural change.

As editor of, I could not help but think of the role of Christian writers as the “players” in this challenge. We have the skills to write letters to the editor, emails to officials, blog comments, blog posts, campaign speeches and books to persuade others to “follow the light.”

The big question is, are we willing to do that? Too many Christians are investing their time trying to write entertaining novels, or books that prove some pet doctrinal point. We are not writing enough letters, articles and books that will help transform society. We too often cower under the onslaught of the social barbarism Graham mentions.

Christian writers need to speak up, and speak with one voice. All our freedoms seem to be eroding, but religious freedom is at the top of the list. Many voices are trying to shout us down. They say we must remain mute in the marketplace of ideas. However, the pen is mightier than the sword, and Christian writers must be part of a massive campaign to use our pens in a rapier-like way.

Here is Franklin Graham’s challenge:

“Can you imagine what a difference it could make if in the next election Christians went to the polls in unprecedented numbers? And if Christians ran for every elected office available at all levels—local, state, and national? School board members, city council members, judges, mayors—all of these are such critical positions. Just think of what would happen if the school board in your own community was made up of Christians. I’ll bet things would begin to change for the better in those schools.

Jesus said we are to be the salt and the light in this world. Salt preserves and can bring healing. We are to speak the truth of God’s Word to a society that is racing in the opposite direction, in moral decline, at warp speed. Jesus said that as lights, we are to shine brightly—up on a lampstand so everyone can see and not hidden under a basket.

Jesus instructs us, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16, NKJV).

Friends, America is in trouble. At age 62, I’ve lived long enough to learn that no political party or politician is the answer. The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son. We can’t sit idly by any longer. LGBT activists, abortion rights advocates, aggressive atheist groups, and others who ignore God’s Word are trying to shove their agenda down our throats. We need to take every opportunity to speak up for biblical standards and let our lights shine. We need to work to preserve our religious freedoms so that we can continue to proclaim the Gospel freely. If we as Christians stand together and let our voice be heard, I believe God can use us to make a difference. I hope you will start praying with us now.”


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