How to Connect with Other Christian Writers

Connect with Other Christian Writers
Share the love with other Christian writers


Writing can be a lonely business. It can be confusing sometimes too. It’s nice to be able to talk to writing friends who understand your challenges. You can encourage and inspire each other.

Writer relationships can help you grow as a writer. Besides the inspirational support, you can share writing, publishing and marketing tips with each other.

Think About the Connections You Seek

Are you looking for a mentor? Best to hire one rather than being needy and demanding the time of a writing friend.

You don’t want to be the Child in an Adult to Child relationship. Frankly, you don’t want to be the Parent in a Parent-Child relationship. You want an Adult to Adult or Peer relationship with other writers.

This means that you want connections with other Christian writers who are at a similar stage of development. Yes, you or your writing friends may be advanced in one particular way or another, and that’s good. But generally, you don’t want a huge disparity in skill level.

Your writing relationship may not be mutually beneficial if the other person is far ahead or far behind you. You want them to be at a similar stage so you are not “unequally yoked” with them.

Make Personal Connections with Christian Writers

There are probably other writers in your church, especially if it’s a larger one. Put a notice in your church newsletter and suggest a get-together. Create an opportunity to meet and see if there is interest in creating a regular Christian writers group.

No other Christian writers in your church? No worries. Ask your leadership if you can use a room in your church to convene Christian writers from your community. Then, blanket all the churches in your area with the news that you’re seeking to form a local Christian writing group.

Organizing a formal group serves a dual purpose. You can have monthly meetings with a speaker to encourage each other, but perhaps more importantly, the Christian writers in your midst become visible. Individuals can then make connections and bond with each other.

There are many regional Christian writer’s groups. There are some listed here, but do some research to see what groups are available in your area.

You can make a personal connection with writers in your community. Many local libraries have a writer’s group, and you should join it. Members may be writing on a wide variety of topics, but you can seek out like-minded people within the group.

No writers group associated with your library? Ask your librarian to start one. Most librarians like to encourage that kind of activity. You can volunteer to help.

Where else can you make personal connections with other writers? Community college writing courses are a good place. You can develop writing friendships with other students or with the professor.

Your local Starbucks or other coffee shop is an off-beat place to make personal connections with other writers. I have a great writing friend that I first met at my local Starbucks. We were both there regularly, typing away, and we made an instant connection. Writers often hang out in coffee shops because the ambiance enhances the creative process for some.

Make Online Connections with Christian Writers

You can have very satisfying writing relationships with people you meet and communicate with online.

Many writers think the best place is to go is writer forums and become a presence there. I’m not sure that’s wise anymore. It takes a long-term effort and results may not be good. Today, you are better off becoming active on a few Facebook pages. There are many hundreds of such pages for writers to select from.

If you’re looking for a mature writing relationship, I’d suggest making personal contact with writers you admire. Read a book you like? Email the author as a colleague, not a fan.

The same goes for blogs you like. If you see someone doing work you admire, make a connection with them. Don’t be demanding, just let them know that you value their work and would like to know them better. Let a relationship grow.

Newer writers may be intimidated by initiating a relationship with a fellow writer. Don’t let such feelings be a barrier. Not everyone will respond in the way you wish, but many will. Most Christian writers see themselves as part of a community that serves the Lord, and they want to develop relationships that advance the Kingdom of God.


Christian writing relationships have a dimension that other writing relationships don’t have. Christian writers can pray for one another. It’s a great thing to start each of your writing sessions with prayer and to include your writing friends in your prayers.

Prayer will improve your own work and the other writers too.

Seek other Christian writers and build a relationship with them. It will have a positive effect on you, your Christian writing friends, and the work that all of you do.

Share the love with other Christian writers

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  1. Glenn Gardiner says:

    Has anyone ever gotten any royalties from any of the books they have published? I wrote 3 books from 3 different publishers and have never gotten any royalties.

    • Donald L. Hughes says:

      Writers get royalties from legitimate publishing companies after they sell more books than was covered by the advance. The problem is, there are many “pay-to-publish” or “co-opt” companies and if you use any of them, you’re unlikely to see royalties. They made their profit by selling publishing services. and almost all could care less about selling your book. There are many offenders in the Christian book world. To warn writers, I wrote a book on this topic back in 2013 and I update it periodically.

  2. Susan says:

    This is encouraging,,thanks

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