Brother of Atheist Christopher Hitchens Finds God

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Christopher Hitchens, the infamous atheist and author of God is Not Great has a dark family secret. His brother, Peter Hitchens, a noted British journalist and broadcaster, is a follower of Jesus Christ. Peter Hitchens tells the story of how he came to faith in a The Rage Against God, to be released by Zondervan in June.

Hitchens said of his book, “I want to explain how I became convinced, by reason and experience, of the necessity and rightness of a form of Christianity that is modest, accommodating, and thoughtful–but ultimately uncompromising about its vital truth.”

He and his atheistic brother had many shared experiences, but they came to different conclusions about the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
[youtube]CO7u01eewDY&hl[/youtube] Peter Hitchens talks about his new book.

Partly autobiographical and partly historical, The Rage Against God counters several of the arguments of the anti-God groups and makes a strong case against the chic, urbane, condescending atheism that is in favor in many circles today.

Hitchens recounts how he burned his Bible when he was in prep school, but later embarked on a personal journey that led him to a place of faith. Hitchens was a journalist in Moscow during the fall of the Soviet Union, and during that time he gained new perspectives about the meaning of the Christian faith.

In his book, Hitchens tells why he believes an honest assessment of Atheism cannot sustain disbelief in God and he provides a basis of hope for all who doubt.

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