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Updated February, 2018. All writers need to network. Today, most people think of social networking on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as the preferred methods of meeting people, but websites pale in comparison to interacting with others on a personal basis. In the writing world, there is nothing better than going to a conference and meeting people who share your passion.

Many new writers send their book to agents and publishing companies hoping that a real person will read their work. They don’t realize that agents and publishing representatives often attend the bigger Christian writing conferences looking for fresh talent, and are happy to meet personally with them. So, not only do you get to fellowship with other writers, but you have opportunities to pitch your book in an informal setting.

Here are links to some well-established Christian writing conferences. If you know of others that should be included, let CWT know about it. Conferences are held at various times of the year and are subject to change, so visit the websites of the conferences that interest you for complete details.


Florida Christian Writers Conference (Leesburg, FL)
Leaders of this successful conference  say their purpose is to offer an opportunity for Christian writers to “learn more about the publishing industry, build your platform and follow God’s leading to publish the message he has given you.” They have an annual conference and ongoing learning opportunities.

Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference (Ridgecrest, NC)
An excellent conference in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Good place to connect with agents, publishers and other writers in a delightful setting. They offer three types of experiences at their conference. A practicum (hands-on class), workshops (a single session on various topics) and ongoing classes over the length of the conference (3-4 days).

St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference (Grove City, PA)
This conference has been conducted annually since 1957. The conference includes well-know Christian authors, three days of workshops, one-on-one tutorials and a variety of contests. The St. Davids leaders proudly say, “In the past few years, our conference has undergone significant changes and increases in attendance. We welcome believers from all branches of the Christian family, as well as conscientious writers from other walks of life who are interested in making the most of their talents.”


ACFW Christian Fiction Conference (Indianapolis, IN)
Offers writing courses, critique groups and mutual encouragement.  Attendees include new writers, published writers, editors and agents. They brand themselves as, “the voice of Christian fiction,” and offer a worthwhile conference for Christian fiction writers at all skill levels.

Anointed Pen Writer’s Conference (Ferndale, MI)
Outstanding Christian writing conference featuring many established African American authors. The conference features seminars for new writers and opportunities to network. Their goal is to, “To assemble Scribes for Christ in order to maximize our God-given literary gifts so that our works will edify the body of Christ, evangelize to the unchurched; and to entertain the masses.”

Kentucky Christian Writers Conference (Elizabethtown, KY)
The Kentucky Christian Writers Conference was founded in 1996 by Kate Thomas and others. It is a down-to-earth conference that focuses on encouraging Christian writers though fellowship and seminars. Their mission statement: “The purpose of the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference is to provide an annual interdenominational event to equip and encourage writers in their quest for publication. The conference will provide a safe environment where writers can discover their gifts and share their work.”

Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network (HACWN)  (Kansas City, MO)
The purpose of HACWN is to help beginning, intermediate and advanced writers develop their skills, enable networking, and increase  professionalism. This conference is well attended by representatives from Christian book and  magazine publishers and agents from established literary agencies. The goal of the group is to offer “monthly meetings with experienced editors and writers, various HACWN writing conferences and seminars, weekly critique groups in different areas of the city, e-mail communication, market leads, and more.”

Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference (Muskegon, MI)
Maranatha is a Retreat center that offers a summer writing conference as part of their many programs. They say, “Authors benefit from networking and sharing manuscripts and ideas with editors and publishers. Morning sessions focus on topics of general interest, while afternoons are filled with elective workshops in various genres. Evening sessions allow for continued learning and networking.”

Write-to-Publish Conference (Wheaton, IL)
Held on the campus of Wheaton College, though the conference is not associated with it. Conference leaders say, “You’ll hear what editors and agents from Christian publishing houses are looking for. You’ll be able to meet with them one-on-one to discuss your ideas and manuscripts. You’ll learn to write a variety of publishable manuscripts, find appropriate markets for your ideas, and deal with the business side of writing. Plus you’ll get feedback on your manuscripts.”


Summer Oregon Christian Writers Conferences (Portland, OR)
Oregon Christian writers was founded in 1963. They hold events for writers, both amateur and professional, who are Christians. They conduct one day conferences in Spring and Winter, a four-day Summer conference and other opportunities. You can even download conference sessions in MP3 format for a fee.

Northwest Christian Writers
The mission of this Spokane-based conference is to provide an affordable quality gathering for writers in the Pacific Northwest. Their goal is to encourage writers of all levels in the areas of writing craft, networking, speaking, marketing and motivation. They serve writers in the Puget Sound region.

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (Mount Hermon, CA)
Mount Hermon has been training writers at every skill level for 44 years. They welcome all, from unpublished to professional, and offer help to writers in every genre and phase of their careers. A major conference for Christian writers which includes, small-group mentoring clinics, major morning tracks on specific themes., afternoon workshops, night owl sessions, free manuscript reviews and individual appointments with agents and editors.

New authors are encouraged to attend Christian writing conferences. It is an excellent opportunity for them to share their writing openly in a supportive environment. Even though there are usually many writing experts at these conferences, each one of them was once a novice and attend to encourage others.

Don’t see your writer’s conference here? We’d like to include it (no fee). Contact us here with your conference details.

Share the love with other Christian writers

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