Christian Writing 101

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Christian Writing 101

Sometimes the most simple information about writing and publishing a book is the most helpful. Writing is not easy work, but for Christians it is very important work. Christian publishers are

always looking for new, creative ideas. Most read many hundreds each year just too find 20-30 to publish.

If you are thinking about writing a Christian book, there are several basics you should consider.

Books are not easy to write

They take time and effort and not everyone can stick to the job. Once a man can to me and said he had an idea for a book, and if I’d write it we’d split the profits 50-50. The reality is that good ideas are a dime a dozen, but it takes real effort to write a book, sell it to a publisher, then properly promote it. Be sure you are ready to make the commitment to be a writer.

Decide on the area in which you want to write

It used to be that Christian books were non-fiction and primarily dealt with biblical subjects. That was the old days. Now Christian books, both non-fiction and fiction, deal with every topic under the sun. Christian publishers are looking for everything from Christian romance novels to illustrated children’s books. Focus is important.

Know what publishers want

Basically they want a well-written manuscript that has a chance of selling. They also want it presented in a format that is useful to them. The best place to learn the basics is from a book called, “Writer’s Market.” Also, if you’re writing fiction, I’d strongly recommend that you read Stephen King’s book, “On Writing.” Some may object to the content of his novels, but he is a man who knows his craft. This is a valuable book.

How do you know you which publisher to contact? The best way is to visit all their websites and see what kind of books they’re offering. Most have “submission guidelines” and you need to read these for any publisher you’re considering for a submission.

Share the love with other Christian writers

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