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Need a quick writing resource? Get a last minute call to teach a Sunday School class, and need teaching materials? Want to help build community in your church? The Christian apps in this list are sure to provide the quick access to materials you need on your smart phone or tablet.

These 48 apps fall into seven different categories. They include online Bible apps, Bible memory apps, church presentation tools, church networking apps, and curriculum apps you can use in almost any setting. You can use apps on this list for quick access to Christian media and prayer lists. Pastors and other church leaders will be interested in the church managent and giving apps. There are even apps for Christian kids.

>> Sorry, this list is temporarily unavailable to view on CWT. View the editor picks in this article, then click the link below to see the complete list.

Many of the apps listed can be used on any Android phone or tablet or on iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. Some apps are only available on iOS–apparently these Christian developers didn’t get the word while 250 million iPads are out there (April, 2015),  Android has 62% of the tablet market, iPad, just 32% of it–the rest going to Windows and other tablet/phone operating systems.

Some of the apps listed are free, some have a purchase or subscription price.

CWT editor picks from each category of the list:

Bible Apps
Bible App by YouVersion may have 100 million users, but I’m a big fan of Olive Tree. It has 4 million users, but it has various translations and other helpful notes. You can even buy other resources online. The look and feel of Olive Tree, and quick access to book, chapter and verse, makes it a winner. Want a free Bible you can use on your desktop of laptop computer? See this article.

Bible Memory Apps
Scripture Typer combines scripture memorization and typing skills! Ideal for Christian writers or those who who want to become one. Both children and adults will like this approach.

Church Presentation Tools
Sharefaith Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin (among other things), but you need a pricey subscription to use it and the app. Still, if you do a lot of presentations, this is a very desirable tool.

Church Management Apps
FellowshipOne is the pick of the litter for church leaders. They say, “Fellowship One provides a complete view of members’ involvement, needs, and contact information, available anytime, anywhere with internet access, so leaders can spend more time on ministry and reduce inefficiencies.” 4,000 churches use it.

Church Giving Apps
There are several options for this category, but they seem redundant when churches use integrated packages, like FellowshipOne.

Church Networking Apps
Pastoral home visitation has become as rare as a doctor house call. Yet, these apps keep people in touch with each other. I don’t like the term “engagement technology,” but The Table seems to offer a lot when it comes to that.

Christian Curriculum Apps
Seems like there should be better choices here. RightNow Media is hailed as the “Netflix of Christian Bible study” with over 10,000 teaching videos. However, big churches pay $1,000 per month to access the content, which is considerably more than NetFlix. Best best: Watch for new app from Disciplr. They might strike a better balance between content and price.

Christian Media Apps
Hard to go wrong here. Each app meets a different need. Personally, I love Gospel Central. You can see and hear Christians from all walks of life share their testimony. You can share yours too there if you wish.

Christian Kid Apps 
Again, a category loaded with winners.  There is a kid’s Bible, cartoons, scripture memorization at kid level, even a coloring book app. Good stuff.  See them all in the kid apps category here.

Christian Prayer Apps
For simplicity, PrayerMate gets my vote.  Some of the other choices provide devotional material for prayer time.

As the people at Disciplr remind us, their list just scratches the surface. There are many choices for enhancing your Christian life using Christian apps. See the complete Disciplr app list here.


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