Charisma Magazine Names Yoars as New Editor


Charisma magazine has named Marcus Yoars as the new editor of Charisma magazine. he will be leading the magazine in an initiative to better serve readers with expanded digital editions, a new iPhone application, as well as a redesigned print magazine.

Yoars served as editor of Ministry Today magazine for the last three years and is only the third editor of Charisma in the magazine’s 35-year history. Yoars, 34, has been in the publishing industry for more than 15 years, including editorial positions at Focus on the Family and Thomas Nelson Publishers. He was born and raised on the missionary field in Hong Kong and is a graduate of Auburn University.

Yoars fills the post vacated by award-winning journalist J. Lee Grady, who resigned in January to focus on international ministry after 11 years as editor of Charisma. Grady will continue as a contributing editor to the magazine.

“We see this transition as very strategic,” says Steven Strang, founding editor of Charisma and president of Strang Communications. “Marcus is a great leader and editor and represents a new generation. He’s proven he understands the shift magazines must make from print to include digital.”

“It’s a new day for Charisma,” Yoars says. “We’ve been preaching that around the Strang offices for months, but it’s exciting to finally see things taking shape as we transition into a new Charisma starting in May. Lee Grady did a phenomenal job of further establishing the magazine as a hub in the Spirit-filled community, and I plan to continue that ongoing conversation with longtime readers and critics alike. It just might look a little different and take place in some new vehicles.”

Starting with the May issue, Charisma will have a new design, a new slogan (“Life in the Spirit”) and enhanced content including compelling stories, practical teaching, commentary and news about “what the Holy Spirit is doing around the world.”

Strang says the magazine has a renewed commitment to reach the masses with new technology, and this is already being proven with several online ventures launching in May. Charisma’s expanded digital magazine will offer readers exclusive content such as videos, podcasts, music, photo galleries and other resources tailored for the Spirit-filled believer. In addition to its print subscribers, this redesigned version of the May issue will go to 300,000 digital readers.

Published on: Apr 2, 2010 

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