Capital “B” in Bible, please!

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Capital “B” in BibleText messaging and other influences have contributed to bad writing habits, including the failure of people to use capitalization and punctuation.

Sadly, that style is intruding into everyday communication. Many people ignore an email that is a lowercase wall of type with no periods or paragraph breaks. They just don’t want to put forth the effort to try to read such messages.

The word “Bible” is a proper noun and is always capitalized when it refers to the book we love and seek to obey. Too many writers spell the word “bible” out of inattention or ignorance. Bigots also like to spell it in lower-case out of meanness, since they believe doing so diminishes the power and influence of the 1.9 billion Christians worldwide who read and revere the Bible.

However, Christians should always spell it properly by capitalizing the word. Make it a point to correct others when you see them misusing the word.

No need to capitalize the word if something is referred to as, “the cooking bible” or the “car owner’s bible.”  When used in this way, the word bible is descriptive and not a title, thus not a proper noun.

By the way, the word “biblical” (as in, “He took a biblical studies course.”) is not a proper noun either and is not capitalized.

Share the love with other Christian writers

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