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You were expecting to land on a Christian Article Bank page. Lloyd Mize had retired that site, and visitors are redirected here.

We are a different type of site, but we hope you will find useful information that will encourage you in Christ.

The purpose of is to train and encourage Christian writers. You can learn more about our mission here.

1. We cover contemporary issues in the context of Christian writing.  Our goal is to help writers share the Good news of Jesus Christ in these odd and perilous times.

2. Self-publishing Christian books are popular and can be profitable. We offer guidance about that.

3. You can influence thousands of people around the world for Christian as a blogger. We offer tips, techniques, and encouragement to Christian bloggers.

4. Writing is a craft that anyone can learn. Learn more about that in this category.

5. We all need inspiration and encouragement when we write. We offer that to our readers.

6. Our Learning Series (videos) offer training that will help you learn more about the craft of writing and how to promote your book or blog.

7. We offer resources for Christian writers, including lists of Christian literary agents, free image resources, and promotional aids.

We also offer gear (t-shirts, totes, and coffee mugs) for Christian writers that you can’t find elsewhere. Buy for yourself or as a gift for a Christian writer you know.

We hope you will enjoy the articles on

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Helpful post? Please share it with other Christian writers.