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Editors note: This post is another adapted from my ebook, Blogging for Jesus. When you blog your faith as a Christian writer, you have an opportunity to share your beliefs and values with a large group of people on a continuing basis. You can often reach more people, and in a deeper way, than by publishing a Christian book.


As a Christian writer, you can start a blog to share your faith with your community and the world. However, choice of your blog topic is important. You want to reach people and keep them reading. Your goal is to share Christian values, not dump a load of theology on them.

Your Christian blog is not a place for you to preach. It’s the wrong medium for that.

Your blog is where you share whatever topic interests you with another interested person. As a Christian, you add one dynamic; you share in a Christian context.

Blogging for Jesus ebookContext is everything

Writer Paul Shepheard said, “Writers use narratives to select from everything there is, and make contexts by putting the pieces into relation; that’s what writers do, they make contexts.”

So, whatever topic you pursue with your blog, you are putting the pieces in the context of Christ.

You want to use your topic as a connecting point with others. And then you contextualize the topic so they learn about the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Be Passionate about “Both” Topics

As a Christian blogger you are blogging about two things. First, you are blogging about the person and work of Jesus Christ and his transforming power. You must be passionate about your love of the Lord.

But remember, you are not offering homilies, Bible studies or your views on particular doctrines. You’ll never attract people who need Christ in their lives if you take that kind of preachy approach.

You must select a topic that interests you and is likely to interest a wide range of people. It can be about any topic you can imagine. It’s your role to infuse that topic with Christian values based on the Bible. You must be passionate about both topics.

Is it unethical to have a stealthy approach?

Not at all. The Apostle Paul put it this way: “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

In educational theory, this method is called “taking students from the known to the unknown.” You start with people in familiar territory (“where they are”), then, with that foundation, take them to new levels of understanding. You are taking your blog readers from “the known”—the topic that interests them and causes them to visit your blog—to “the unknown,” salvation that is only available through Jesus Christ.

So, you must be passionate about both Christ and the topic you intend to blog about.

How to Pick a Topic

Picking a topic to blog about may be easier than you think. Put your mind in neutral and ask yourself what subjects you care about.

If a topic doesn’t pop immediately into your mind, I’d suggest that you think back on your education. What school subjects did you like best? Is there a work-related topic that interests you? How about your hobbies?

Here’s a 300 plus list of hobbies that might spark your thinking. It has everything from Aircraft Spotting to Zumba.

Any of them could be a great topic for your new blog. Pick just one and start writing blog posts on the different aspects of that topic.

The only missing ingredient is your enthusiasm. Don’t pick a topic if you are only lukewarm about it. Do some research about the possibilities and then make a commitment.

Of course, you want to put the Lord at the forefront of your decision-making process. Pray and ask him for direction. You can and should have a conviction from the Lord about blogging on a particular topic.

Mastery is Not Required

You may think you don’t know enough about a topic to write 104 posts per year. Don’t worry about that. Take one day at a time (Matthew 6:34).

You don’t need mastery of the topic to start. What you do need is an an insatiable curiosity about the topic.

We live in a wonderful time in history and there is information at your fingertips. You can research any topic on the Internet. You can learn new things quickly at no cost.

That doesn’t mean you should cut and paste content from other sites. You need to read multiple sources, process the information in your own mind, combine it with your own experiences and produce something unique.

The information is out there if you are excited enough to get it. Read, watch, listen and grow.

Start a Blog and Reach the World

In summary, pick a topic that you are enthusiastic about. Make sure your choice is not rash. Consider how you’ll feel about the topic a few years into the future.

Get confirmation from the Lord that you have selected the right topic. Then learn and become a thought leader on the topic. Integrate your faith into all aspects of the topic.

Be faithful and write consistency. Your blog will gain readers and influence when you do that.

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