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  • Our readership includes Christian writers (and those who want to become one), publishers, self-publishers, Indie publishers, Christian retailers, book marketing professionals (such as agents and publicists), Christian book readers, and a general Christian audience.
  • Our site traffic (90-day average) is 10,121 visitors (22,881 page views) PER MONTH. Traffic stats updated May 1, 2021. Our traffic is growing continually and you benefit from that.
  • We offer advertorial (book reviews only) and display advertising (general) options.

You can support your own Christian book, product or service, and help support, by advertising with us.

Advertorial (Coming Very Soon)

This is for a “New and Notable” book section that will be part of our main menu. Contact us now to be a part of it. It is for Christian fiction and nonfiction books. An advertorial is paid editorial comment. We disclose that to readers. Here’s how it works:

  • Upon payment, you send a copy of your Christian fiction or nonfiction book (ebook edition preferred). We read it.
  • If your book meets our “new and notable” standard (see below), we will accept it. If not, we will return your fee promptly. We return the fee without comment. NOTE: There are no other refunds for any reason. We do not add to or change any page element at a later time. You agree to this policy when you make your payment.
  • We write a 500-750 word review of your book. Our review will be an honest, independent, balanced review that highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of your book. We do not get your approval of the review. We will not change the review once written. This policy is important to retain our integrity as reviewers and to be transparent with our readers. Will we write a terrible, negative review? No. We do not accept books that do not meet our “notable” standard as indicated below. We only want to include worthy books, even though each may have strong and weak points. We do not accept reviews written by others.
  • You may quote our review in your promotional material, but only when you refer to our name as “,” not any other name style. This applies to both print and web formats. We do not require a web link back to us (always appreciated, however), but we want you to refer to us by our correct name when you quote our review. We are not Christian Writing Today. We are (note use of caps). Respecting our brand in this way makes your book review more effective.
  • Your book cover, which you supply, appears on your review page. We determine the size and format, but they are usually a flat or 3D front cover about 350 pixels wide.
  • If you have a promo video on YouTube, you can include that too at the time we publish your page.  As noted, we do not add to or change any page element at a later time.
  • You can send us your author bio (up to 250 words) and that will be part of your advertorial page. It is subject to our editing.
  • Have a clear author photo that is about 225 pixels wide? We’ll include that as part of the package.
  • You get a total of 2 links on this page. One to your purchase page at Amazon, and one to your blog, for example. These are “do-follow” links so that will help your blog ranking on Google. If these page links become inactive or misdirected, we will delete them without notice. Our automated system checks monthly for dead or misdirected links.
  • Your blog post review page will get full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attention for Google ranking.  We want it to get as many visitors as possible. You get the benefit of “long-tail” SEO links.
  • Your review page will appear in the “New and Notable” scrolling post category pages (with your cover photo — same one that appears on your review page), and in-site search, not on the front page. People will have access to your review page via SEO (Google search), site menu options, category scrolling, and site search.
  • Your page will appear as long as survives. We do not delete pages. We have been serving Christians since 2007 (almost 14 years so far) and hope to continue this labor of love for many more years. We do not guarantee how many visitors will visit your book page, but you can see our current stats above. A large number of our posts get 6,000-8,000 page views over the course of a year. Some posts get 12,000 readers or more per year. Each visitor to your review page is a potential book buyer. If you post your book on Facebook, or buy ads there, it normally disappears within minutes. We offer staying power.
  • Your advertorial will appear within 10-12 business days after we receive all page elements (images, author bio, etc.) from you.

What do we mean by “new and notable?”

“New” means your book was published in the last year.

“Notable” means it should be an interesting, well-written, well-edited, and well-presented Christian fiction or nonfiction book. It need not be perfect. This evaluation is based solely on our professional opinion.

One time fee: $195 per book. We accept all credit cards via PayPal. 

Contact us to get started

We offer two types of display advertising:

1. BIG Sidebar Ad (300 x 250 pixels)

  • Large 300 x 250 pixel ad appears in the sidebar.
  • Your ad will rotate through the articles appearing on different pages at different times.
  • Can link to your site, Amazon, or other approved sales page.
  • Advertise your book, author website, or other approved product or service.
  • The cost is $48 per month.

2. Half Sidebar Ad (300 x 125 pixels)

  • Half-size 300 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall ad appears in the sidebar. Ideal for promoting your book.
  • Can link to your site, Amazon, or other approved sales page.
  • Your ad will rotate through the articles appearing on different pages at different times.
  • Advertise your book, author website or other product or service
  • The cost is $38 per month.

You receive value for your advertising dollar

  • We honor legacy pricing. If you advertise with us, and continue each month without interruption, your advertising cost will not increase even though our readership statistics are climbing. Your rate remains at the posted rates when you start with us.
  • We offer a 15% discount off rates when you buy 6 months of advertising at the same time.
  • All advertising payments are made by credit card when order is placed to keep administrative costs low.
  • To cut unnecessary distractions, animations are not allowed on any ad types
  • All ads are subject to approval to insure your ad keeps good company.

How to get started

To reserve advertising space or to ask questions, contact us here. Please include your phone number.

Note that we do not guarantee results. Your results depend on your offer, pricing, and other factors.

We can create a properly sized advertising graphic for you. Ask for details.



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