A Thousand Christian “Book Trailers” Available Online

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ChristianBookVideos.com has just posted their one thousandth Book Trailer for Christian books. Book Trailers, also known as book videos, are video advertisements for books, showing the reader what a book is about. A sample book trailer is shown below.

Book videos started appearing in 2002 to advertise books, but the trend really took off in 2007 and has grown ever since. Launched in 2009, ChristianBookVideos.com aggregates all the available promotional book videos produced for Christian books. In a short two years, the website has reached 1,000 videos showcasing 1,000 Christian books.

“Prior to ChristianBookVideos.com, readers of Christian books faced a chore in finding Christian book videos online,” stated Edward Bolme, Managing Director of ChristianBookVideos.com. “Individuals either had to look on an author’s website, a book’s website, a publisher’s website, or search YouTube, GodTube, or another video sharing site for book videos. This typically meant they could only find videos for best-selling books that they already knew about; the others were lost in the endless noise of the Internet. Now Christian book lovers can go to one website and view the book videos for their favorite authors as well as discover new authors and books to read.”

With easy search tools, a family-friendly environment, and an average of two new videos a day, ChristianBookVideos.com has become the one-stop viewing place for Christian book videos on the Internet. Publishers and authors can submit their book videos to ChristianBookVideos.com for free.

Published on: Feb 12, 2011


Share the love with other Christian writers

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  1. I love the idea of using a live person, which is the author of the featured book and as the audience gets to hear what they have to say. Which the audience can get a personal feel and connection with the author. Then showing the authors book near the end. 🙂

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