5 Great Websites Christian Writers Should Visit

5 Great Websites Christian Writers Should Visit
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These websites are not in any particular order. They deal with a wide range of topics. Visit them to get inspiration for your personal walk with Christ and to expand your writing vision.

Intercessors for America (IFA)

This site is a perfect example of how technology can be harnessed to unite and encourage Christians. The home page offers “Headline Prayer” that deal with current events.  There is a prayer you can pray or voice your own. Click if you prayed for the issue, and you can see the number of others who also prayed for that concern.

There are ways to pray with others, and that is a real plus. One problem for me is that so many of the prayer requests are for American social or political issues. Of course, the site is Intercessors for America, and that’s understood. Still, many issues require prayer beyond current political events.

But they have implemented ways for people to pray for a street or district. There is also an interactive prayer map.

To their credit, IFA offers many Prayer Guides, including praying over children, God’s provision, and many other prayer topics.

Equipping Godly Women

Not only a website but a podcast (and a YouTube edition) by a Brittany, who describes herself as “the voice behind Equipping Godly Women.”  Even with all the mystery, the site offers lots of practical Bible-based information for Christian women who want to grow in faith.

Brittany focuses on faith, marriage, and parenting. In addition, she shares what she is currently reading (she has authored three books under the nom de plume Brittany Ann), and seasonal resources that many women will love.

The strength of this site is that Brittany collaborates with other Christian moms, and the practical information they provide has depth and practicality.

Look for free resources Brittany offers. There are about a dozen helpful printables.

Got Questions?

Got Questions is a top Christian website to answer difficult questions about what the Bible says about many aspects of doctrine and life. They claim they have answered 626,961 questions at the time of this post.

You can search for questions, or you can see their list of the top 20 most popular/common questions. You can also view their 100 newsiest questions and answers.

It would not be surprising that the most popular question is. “What does the Bible say about women pastors?” That is followed closely by questions on homosexuality, tattoos, masturbation, and whether or not Christians can lose their salvation.

You may not agree with every answer. But you have to give credit to those who operate the site because they go out of their way to state their position, which they support from the Bible. They provide alternative arguments and point readers to additional resources. That is a fair and honest way to present controversial issues in my view.

The thing I liked the most about Got Questions? It is the tone of their answers (both text and videos).  There is no judgment and no rancor. They are not selling ideas; they are just telling it like it is.


Did you know that 22% of marriages today started on a dating site? That’s a remarkable statistic, isn’t it? We have no reason to believe that the percentage is any different in the Christian world.

Sure, we all agree the best place to meet your future bride or groom is in church. Yet, dating sites are becoming increasingly important. So it’s good to know what might be the best alternatives for Christians.  Christian writers can get inspiration from articles on this site.

I selected eHarmony because it was started by Neil Clark Warren, a Christian theologian with a Ph.D. in psychology, and because of some of the site statistics. Others might select match-making sites for different reasons.

Note that eHarmony was sold to a German conglomerate in 2018. This is a trend. Even ChristianMingle.com, another popular site that attracts Christians, is owned by a media company that also owns JDate.com. That’s a site for Jewish people looking for a lasting relationship.

eHarmony has approximately 5 million monthly visitors. The gender mix is good too. About 51% are male, and 49% are female.  There is equal opportunity. They say that someone finds love every 14 minutes on their site.

eHarmony caters to all ages and religions, as you might expect in this age of pluralism. However, they have a “Compatibility Quiz” (it was 450 questions, now about 150) that narrows the field quickly. You can easily identify others of like-minded faith. About 20% of the people who take the Quiz are not allowed to post a profile, so possible relationship threats are filtered.

Bible Hub

Bible Hub may be the best resource for doing Bible fact-checking for your Christian books or blog posts. It offers at least 22 translations of the Bible.

In addition, it offers Bible maps, a Bible dictionary, an encyclopedia. They offer 68 different Bible commentaries.

They also have the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Bible chronologies, and Parallel Study Bible so that you can see the Hebrew of Greek for each verse.

Yes, almost all these resources are in the Public Domain, which means they are dated. That would be a handicap in most disciplines, but Christians like seeing what the old sages said in centuries past.

There are a lot of old sermons in print form. If you prefer listening to audio sermons, as most do, SermonAudio.com might be a better bet. The site seems to be slated toward Calvinist content, so beware.

BibleGateway.com used to be a favorite with me. However, they have moved to a “Pro” model that requires payment. Frankly, there is too much free Bible content available, so it’s not feasible to pay for one source.

My runner-up for Bible study sites for Christian writers is Blue Letter Bible.  The original site looks like something out of the 1990s, but don’t let that scare you off.  Some of their features, like their free courses, are on a modern platform.

What websites do you like that would be of value to Christian writers? Please add them in the comments section.


Helpful post? Please share it with other Christian writers.

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